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Certification15 Our Rating

Barbiturate popping Pepa is pregnant by her ex-lover and can't find him. He's with his new mistress but his ex-wife is stuck in a sixties time warp and on the loose with a gun. Pepa's girlfriend is involved with Shiite terrorists, and they're all on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Brilliant!! find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

The blind masseur Zatoichi wanders the countryside of 19th Century Japan, a perpetual drifter. Taking respite in a small town riven by gang power struggles, the initially unassuming Zatoichi soon finds reason to unleash the most lethal of skills, his peerless abilities with the sword. Zatoichi is a remarkable mix and match of genres; historical drama, morality tale, action movie and comedy, an often surreal but hugely entertaining slice of Japanese cinema from the director of Hana Bi and Violent find out more...