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Certification15 Our Rating

An investigative journalist finds himself in a bizarre nightmare as he tries to find out if there is any pattern behind the series of deaths of witnesses to the assassination of a US Senator. The clues he follows lead to the Parallax Corporation, a business that our man (Beatty) believes is secretly recruiting sociopathic types and training them as assassins. He enrols in their therapy programme......... A very smart conspiracy thriller with numerous 'parallels' to the JFK assassination. Top no find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

Film Noir from the Ealing funny man! Mackendrick's US debut is a rat-trap of a movie in which a vile NY gossip hustler (Tony Curtis) grovels for his 'Mr Big' (Burt Lancaster). Lancaster plays JJ Hunsecker, a monstrous, amoral and incestuous news columnist obsessed with wrecking his kid sister's romance. The dark streets stink of corruption and fear. Amoral and awesome with a great jazz soundtrack. find out more...