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BORAT (2006)

Certification15 Our Rating

How can something so wrong feel so right? Just one of the questions you are bound to ask if you decide to make the leap of faith and watch this film. Kazakhstan's favourite TV journo decides that a trip to the "U, S and A" is just what his country needs so he heads off with his trusty producer, Azamat. Absolutely hilarious; the Pamela Anderson stalking, the cheese-eating, the ‘running of the Jew', a Pamplona-style event in Borat's village, the gypsy-tear-collecting, the rodeo crowd cheering Bora find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

Tobey Maguire is up there with Michael Keaton as the perfect casting choice for a super hero, diminutive and unassuming in their day wear, but utterly convincing once they donned the kitsch lycra. After a mutant spider bites Peter Parker he suddenly gains the most incredible powers. At first Peter uses these gifts for his own benefit but after tragedy strikes he resolves himself to fighting evil (in particular the rather wasted talents of Dafoe as the Green Goblin) and defending the good people find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

Derek Zoolander is the male model all male models want to be, he's a legend within the fashion world...... and he makes an amoeba look over educated. Effetely nudged from his pedestal by hippy chic, the heartbroken Derek is brainwashed to assassinate the Malaysian president who is about to abolish the sweatshops that the fashion world rely so heavily upon. Zoolander picks a subject that's already fairly adept at (admittedly unintentionally) lampooning itself and then treats it with something bor find out more...