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Certification15 Our Rating

At last, the fourth installment of the zombiemeister's apocalyptic vision has the world under seige by the living dead and the last few human beings have holed themselves up within the walls of an unnamed city. But, being human, things go pear-shaped as internecine squabbling and conniving threaten to destroy the fragile peace, and when the undead menace start to use their "...braaains!" the gore really hits the fan. Action-packed and fun but without any of the smarts and character depth of the find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

In the year 2707; Earth's natural resources have been exhausted by mankind and war rages between the soldiers of four leading Corporations. But when a bombardment on enemy lines breaks an ancient seal, a long forgotten horror is unleashed: Necromutants, an army of the ‘not quite dead', who sweep all before them. Only a monk and a rag tag group of fighters stand in the way of the terror and what chance do they… hang on, why am I troubling you with plot outline, this is a slash and slash again act find out more...