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(EPISODES 13 to 18)
Games People Play: Carrie meets another "wrong" guy in her shrink's waiting room; Samantha dates a sports addict; Charlotte joins a bridge club; Miranda plays "peep show" with a man in the building across from her. The Fuck Buddy: Carrie makes a date with her "f**k buddy"; Samantha "makes love" with the couple next door; Charlotte starts double-booking dates; Miranda dates a controlling man. Shortcomings: Carrie dates a short story writer and his family; Miranda dates a divorced father; Charlotte's brother has sex with Samantha. Was it Good for You? Carrie dates an alcoholic and wonders if she's a compulsive substitute for beer. Charlotte is destroyed after her partner falls asleep during sex; Samantha's gay friends ask her if they could sleep with her; Miranda gets new sheets. Twenty-Something Girls vs. Thirty-Something Women: Carrie and the girls get a share in the Hamptons, Charlotte dates a twenty-something guy who gives her crabs; Miranda runs into the hairstylist, and Carrie discovers Big dating a 26-year-old named Natasha. Ex in the City: Can you be friends with an ex? Big tells Carrie he and Natasha are engaged; Miranda gets back with Steve; Samantha meets Mr. Too Big; Charlotte gets reacquainted with an equine friend.
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