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(EPISODES 7 to 12)
My Motherboard, My Self: Miranda's mom dies and Carrie's computer does too, and Aiden saves the day but does Carrie really appreciate it? Sex and The Country: Carrie takes her first trip up to the country to see Aiden's new house...but can she hack a weekend with squirrels and no cosmopolitans? Sam gets milked. Belles of the Balls: Subtlety goes out hte window as 'ball' references run rampant in this episode. Steve is diagnosed with testicular cancer, Big needs to talk to Carrie but ends up in the mud with Aiden and Charlotte wants to get Trey's sperm tested. Apparently men like 'em pulled...whatever.Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda: Miranda breaks Charlotte's heart when she tells them that she's pregnant but might not have the baby. And Carrie remembers when she had an abortion. Just Say Yes: NYC might lose its infmously single gal as Carrie finds a hideous engagement ring that Aiden has bought. Sam gets under her new boss and Charlotte might not have a Scottish baby after all.
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