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After the awesome "Roger and Me" Michael Moore returns with another searing documentary this time focusing on the American obsession with personal firearms, using as it basis the high school massacre by two students at Columbine High school. Moore interviews everyone from Marilyn Manson (a wise sage in comparison to the pro gun lobbyists) to Charlton Heston, spokesperson of the National Rifle Association, in his quest to understand America's fascination with guns, a self destructive addiction that feeds on and breeds fear. There is much humour in Moore's film, you feel it's one of his techniques for surviving the madness around him, but at its heart this is a blisteringly perceptive and angry dissection of a national psyche. Bowling for Columbine grips like few works of fiction can, amazing, touching, horrifying it frankly leaves no emotion untouched. Possibly the only unrefutably deserved winner of an Oscar at the awards this year.
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