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BABY BOOM (1987)
Who's got time for children when you're a strong, independent, business lady of the 80's? Diane Keaton does an admirable job of conveying the stresses of bringing up a baby within vomiting distance of Wall Street. More intelligent (but still very conservative) than 'Three Men And A Baby', which was released at around the same time, Harold Ramis' emasculated husband is the saving grace of the film. He manages to bring a surreal sadness to the film as a man who is as uncomfortable in the Capitalist's playground of 80's New York as he is in the role of co-parent. The plot is standard American Dream stuff, where one good idea is all it takes to make a success of yourself. Still too many 'Oops!-I-put-the-nappie-on-wrong!' moments for my liking though... and more apple sauce than you could shake a wooden spoon at.
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