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  • Britain.
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  • English.

The proletarian werewolves and aristocratic vampires have been at war for a very, very long time, operating within human society and remaining no more than myth to the vast majority of us ignorant mortals. Their conflict is coming to an end, the werewolves have been hunted down, and are now a small, broken race….or so it would seem. Vampire Warrior Selene, a resourceful, complex heroine in fetish gear and kinky boots (pretty sexy if you don't mind the undead thing), suspects otherwise, her own people have become complacent and corrupt, and judgement day is fast approaching. Underworld is a super slick slice of action hokum, very much in the same vein as ‘Blade', but with a strong story line, good sub-themes, class war, interracial love, loyalty and betrayal. If only we could have moved away from infantile gun culture shoot-ups, had more play on the myths and not made two, one dreadful and one minor, casting errors.

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