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It's set right here, in Bristol, just round the corner there! The essential 'student' movie has finally touched down! ... Or has it? Sadly, though the views of our lovely homeland are present and correct (and there are also some cool high-speed shots of the top of Park Street), otherwise this is an unrealistic and disappointing portrait of student life. All the stereotypes are there: The Posh Kid, The Cheeky Chappie, The Geek, The Jock; sex, drugs and cheesy music down the local dive/club. This is really where Living In Hope fails - if the characters had been realistic enough to make the audience give a shit, instead of being so two-dimensional, this might have been a better film. Fair play to a local filmmaker for getting out there, and we are all for supporting such enterprising guys; but we are also honest, and this film kinda sucks. Avoid unless you live in Manor, Goldney or Clifton Hill House.
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