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  • 11374
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  • DVD=92 min.
  • Nationality(ies):
  • Iran.
  • Primary Language(s):
  • Farsi.
TEN (IRANIAN) (2002)
For those familiar with Kiarostami's work, ‘Ten' comes as an accomplishment of previous themes as well as a surprise in changing the gender perspective (female instead of male). The quest for social insight, inner balance and fitting within one's own destiny is seen this time from the angle of a self-liberated woman, hence offering a psychological foray that adds an unexpected sense of satire and unselfishness to Kiarostami's favourite subject: the search for identity. Meanwhile, for those who just happened to discover Kiarostami this is a chance to experience some of his most dynamic storytelling, (for more meditative ambiences see ‘Taste of Cherry'!), and to venture into the fields of intertwined gender politics, morale and existentialism. Watching ‘Ten' could actually mean starting at last to see one's self-portrait, a picture that emerges at the end of the film. Paradoxical yet feasible!
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