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When Joel meets Clementine he feels alive for the first time in his life, she is everything he has so successfully repressed in himself; vivacious, impulsive and game for anything. Two years down the line and Joel finds himself alone again, and worse still he finds Clementine has wiped him from her memory. Lost and angry Joel decides to do the same, but as he enters into the process, the memories flashing across his subconscious revitalise what he thought had gone…...love, and so begins a desperate adventure, from the vegetative state of his physical body, to hide the life he and Clementine shared from those he has paid to remove it. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is written by Charlie Kaufman, the man responsible for Being John Malkovich and Adaptation, and while still determined to mess with your head it is his most approachable film yet; a sublime story that is in its essence a romantic comedy drama, but which takes such an original turn on the genre that you find yourself reluctant to attempt comparisons. Both Carrey and Winslet are excellent as the central protagonists, while Kaufman's tale even bothers to flesh out and intertwine the secondary characters as well. Cinematic genius that's also hugely entertaining, which is like, well…double genius!
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