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13 GOING ON 30 (2004)
(Suddenly 30)
A pleasant retreading of the path Tom Hanks walked in 'Big', only with a post Sex-and-the-City flavour. Jenna is a gawky 12 year old girl whose friends aren't above the odd bit of bitchiness. In a fit of self loathing, sat blindfolded on the floor of a closet after a particularly humiliating episode at the hands of her contemporaries, she makes the wish that sees her waking up as a pretty, flirty 30 year old. The ever-watchable Mark Ruffalo provides well-balanced support as the stoner foil to Garner's sugar-bottomed, Britney-like Jenna, especially well realised in the 'Thriller' dance scene. Lots of nice Hollywood fantasy material too, like shopping montages, scoring points at the office and, of course, finding the fella of your dreams, make 13 Going On 30 a surprisingly enjoyable experience. Still, it's no 'Big'....
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