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  • 12020
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  • DVD=115 min.
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  • South Korea.
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  • Korean.
OLD BOY (2004)
A young married man with a baby girl is inexplicably relieved of his freedom one drunken night. Just as inexplicably released fifteen years later he is given some money and a mobile. His family now gone his only contact is the nameless, faceless voice on the other end of the phone that sets him the task of discovering the reason for his incarceration. Taken in by a young woman, love blossoms almost immediately for the two, but as he draws closer to the truth her life becomes increasingly threatened by the malevolent puppeteer responsible for his predicament. Old Boy is an exquisitely original tale of revenge; brutal, bleakly humorous and played with utter conviction by the central characters, the story has no fallow moments, remaining uncompromisingly fresh, and indeed twisted, right up to its darkly logical close. Genius.
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