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9 DEAD GAY GUYS (2004)
Hyped as one of the most offensive films ever made, 9 Dead Gay Guys follows two likely lads from Ireland who attempt to get their hands on the legendary booty hidden inside the biggest bed in the world, a bed that belongs to ‘Golders Green', an orthodox Jew who also happens to be the lover of The Queen (played to perfection by the hooded man himself – Michael Praed), the film's first dead gay guy. As their quest continues, 8 more gay guys kick the bucket and every offensive stereotype in the book is milked for all it's worth - black men have big ‘assets', Jewish people have lots of money, dwarves have an inferiority complex about their size, fat women are lesbians because they can't get a man – need I say more? Of course it's all done with tongue firmly in cheek and as such isn't really that offensive, following the ‘Lock Stock' method of film-making 9 Dead Gay Guys is funny and charming in a plebeian way, but unfortunately loses its momentum towards the end when we are treated to some asinine dialogue like ‘everyone knows that's just a stereotype' just to make sure that we all understand that the director doesn't really mean it. By Lab Ky Mo should have trusted his audience to know the difference between propagating stereotypes and taking the mickey out of them and said to hell with those that didn't. That would have been truly shocking.
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