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It's the early 70s and America is in the throes of cultural and political turmoil, the Vietnam War still rages and ‘Tricky Dicky' still clings to power at the White House. In the middle of this confusion sits Samuel J. Bicke, a failed salesman, a failed husband and a failed father. Bicke is one of life's losers, a person incapable of doing himself any favours but determined in his belief that someone else must be to blame. To this end, Bicke becomes obsessed that the president is the cause of all his woes so setting in motion a plan seemingly doomed to failure and tragedy. The Assassination Of Richard Nixon is an immensely powerful observation of a man's decent into depression and barely controlled madness; based on a true story and reminiscent of Arthur Miller's iconic ‘Death Of A Salesman' the film is also complemented by perhaps Sean Penn's finest performance to date.
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