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  • 13029
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  • DVD=100 min.
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  • Denmark.
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  • Danish.
(De Gronne slagtere)
Bjarne and Svend are not your average jet-setting entrepreneurs, in fact they're fairly useless at most things in life. Bjarne is never without a joint hanging from his mouth and Svend's marriage and self-worth is crashing down around him. So when they decide to set themselves up in business as master butchers the stakes are high, especially when they are constantly berated and ridiculed by their former boss. Things look bleak for our heroes until the accidental death of a workman in their shop gives them a 'speciality' meat that tickles the tastebuds of the local rotary club. Soon Bjarne and Svend have more customers than one body can satisfy and they are faced with the grisly conundrum of supply and demand. A beautifully dark and funny horror that manages, in it's own inimitably Danish way, to be restrained and charming even while the chopper falls. A superb cast and an excellent script allows Green Butchers to rise above it's gory premise and offer us a witty and touching tale of relationships and expectations full of pathos.
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