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BEWITCHED (2005) (2005)
Isabel is a happy go lucky slightly naive beautiful young woman, she's also a witch. Jack is a movie star who's fallen on hard times and now finds himself the lead in a remake of the TV comedy ‘Bewitched'. Spotting Isabel on the street one day Jack is convinced she'd make a perfect Samantha, little knowing her magical abilities. It's because of films like this that we keep on wrongly accusing the Americans of having no sense of irony. Why use such a conceit to plunder yet another classic TV series and then do precisely nothing with it? Will Ferrell is a very funny man and Nicole Kidman has quite a few fans as well, but this all American ‘apple pie' homesy tale comes in a plastic tray with microwave instructions and when you read the ingredients it's only ‘apple flavour', don't reckon it's been properly de-frosted either…Urghhh.
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