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HOSTEL (2005)
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Tarantino and Roth get all splatsick on our asses with this modern day grindhouse movie of torture and violence in deepest darkest Slovakia - proportedly based on real-life events. Josh, Oli and Paxton are young, bullish and fancy-free, backpacking around Europe and tasting the local female cuisine when they hear about a hostel where the girls are plentiful and, more importantly very willing. Unfortunately, that willingness also extends to abduction and brutal murder... As with Eli Roth's first movie, 'Cabin Fever' the hype surrounding Hostel has been substantial - just read the quotes on the box - '...the goriest, sickest, bloodiest movie you'll ever, ever see...' says the Daily Mirror, which just makes this reviewer think they've led a fairly sheltered life. That said, for a mainstream movie this is pretty far-out stuff and not for the easily offended, especially as the three leads are almost as unpleasant as their tormentors. It's gruesome and bloody but little else.
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