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  • DVD=97 min.
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  • America.
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  • English.
The year is 2055 and, if you are rich enough, you can go on a time-travel safari to bag yourself a dinosaur or whatever else takes your fancy. Unfortunately that old chestnut, chaos theory, throws a spanner in the works when an expedition accidently changes the time line and the world back home begins an inexorable shift towards an alternative evolution that threatens all of humanity. Luckily, Edward Burns is on hand as the head scientist and expedition leader who has to race against time (literally) to save the planet. A CGI laden extravaganza that whips along at a fair old pace with the prerequisite amount of action and thankfully very little by way of subplot. However, while it feels a bit like a kids' film the action and effects may make it a touch too scary for younger children.
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