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  • Britain.
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  • English.
(Eps 1-6)
Bubbles is back - with some heavyweight competition from the woman who destroyed her marriage; Dudley's mail-order Thai bride arrives but Ting Tong doesn't look quite as he remembered in the brochure. And there ain't no ASBO to keep Vicky Pollard away especially when her gang are "well the best dancers"! Lou and Andy get into an awful kafuffle over boob jobs and slow-drying patios; Florence and Emily tackle the very ladylike problem of facial hair; Dafydd's new career as a rent boy proves a hit down the local mine and Anne appears on "Stars In Their Eyes" as Celine Dion. Sebastian has the Prime Minister over a barrel - so to speak - and Carol's new job at a travel agent finds a new computer with the same old response! The third series of this double Bafta award winning sketch show.
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