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  • 14001
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  • DVD=90 min.
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  • Iran.
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  • Farsi.
(Sag-haye velgard)
Two children, a brother and sister, rescue a stray dog on the streets of Kabul. That evening they visit the jail where their mother is a prisoner and, since her children have nowhere to live, they are permitted to stay with her one night, but the following morning they are thrown out, prison being for prisoners not homeless orphans. Desperate to return to the jail brother and sister attempt a series of robberies, but each seems doomed to failure until a stranger offers an unusual solution, the movies; they can learn to steal from watching Hollywood films and then discover the knack of getting caught by watching European cinema! Marziyeh Meshkini's film is a beautifully crafted and moving insight into the every day lives and hardships of post-Taliban Afghanis.
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