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In a not far off dystopian future women have become infertile and governments have forgotten that Orwell's ‘1984' was supposed to be a searing indictment of what NOT to do. Into this less than hopeful world arrives a young woman who has achieved the miracle of pregnancy, everyone wants the child as a cynical totem for the people, and those planning rebellion are as ruthless as those in power. Finding a reluctant but increasingly determined guardian in the form of Theo, mother and child go in search of the mysterious utopia that is supposed to exist, where humanity has found a way to live in harmony with its environment..and each other. A powerful well acted masterfully shot dramatic thriller set in London, Children Of Men is a fine adaptation of PD James' story - though 1980s and 1990s TV were littered with this sort of dark vision of our immediate future and some of them were easily its equal (eg ‘Edge Of Darkness').
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