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  • 14126
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  • DVD=115 min.
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  • South Korea.
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  • Korean.
THE HOST (2006)
The banks of the Han River are turned into an impromptu abattoir when a mysterious creature, a mutant by-product of pollution courteousy of the US military, emerges from the water, munchs on the curious public gathered nearby and carries off a young girl named Hyun-seo. After discovering she's still alive her once placid family decide to resort to any means to bring her home and wreak bloody vengeance on the monster. With great special effects, hilarious nail nibbling tension and not inadverse to a bit of political/social satire, 'The Host' pretty much completes the major genres (where's the costume drama then?) in which South Korean film has excelled in the last five years. A hugely entertaining crowd pleasing chomp n' chase flick. Fun.
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