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HOT FUZZ (2007)
PC Nicholas Angel is the best of the best, in fact he's so damn good he's making his fellow Metropolitan colleagues look inept, there's only one answer, ship him off to a sleepy West Country village. It soon becomes clear however that the market town of Sandford is a den of genteel psychotics, the number of ‘accidental' deaths reaching a frenzy that even Midsomer Norton would deem preposterous. It's time for PC Angel to take it up a gear and along for the ride is his immensely keen but dim witted colleague, Danny. Hot Fuzz is a cleverly knowing amalgamation of pretty much any and every Hollywood buddy, buddy action movie you've seen in the last twenty years, replete with overt homoerotic undertones, and though lacking the freshness that made ‘Shaun Of The Dead' such a riotous joy, it's still a big ol' bursting at the seams barnyard of guns blazing giggles. Shot in nearby Wells.
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