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  • 14407
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  • DVD=118 min.
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  • France.
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  • Arabic.
This is the story of a group of North Africans who enlisted in the French Army to fight for the motherland, freedom and equality, and against Nazism. We follow their travails through France's first military defeat of Germany, by raw Arab conscripts, through to being the first French troops to fight their way into Alsace. Throughout they are treated as second rate people by French men, though oddly not always by the women, denied full rations, promotions or leave - they do and they die. As a war action movie this is terrific and the issues of race are treated with great sensitivity. Reminiscent of Sam Fuller's autobiographical 'The Big Red One' (Movie 366) this should be quickly followed by 'The Battle of Algiers' (4331) and 'La Haine' (6080). Highly recommended. Caveat for French speakers, some dialogue, not much, is in Arabic.
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