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SPIDER-MAN 3 (2007)
Peter, Peter "why so sad? " well that's because every time I seem to find some kind of balance between being a selfless superhero, altruistic best buddy and faultless boyfriend it all goes horribly, horribly wrong want to make something of it?". Spidey finds himself battling a vengeful, but guilt stricken, Sandman, an extra terrestrial gloup that brings out his dark "me, me, me" Saturday Night Fever side and a truly scary fanged venom, in this third instalment of Peter Parker's day to day turmoil. The special effects are great, Toby Maguire makes a fine Spiderman, but cliched drama ain't a substitute for the more poignant undertones, so just slice a bit off the substantial running time and let's leave it there. Don't get me wrong it's still great entertainment! I'm just griping.
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