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Anwar El-Ibrahimi is an American citizen who never arrives home to his pregnant wife, Isabella, after a business trip to South Africa. While Isabella struggles desperately to find out what has happened, we discover before her that Anwar, an Egyptian born chemical engineer, has been taken by the CIA to an unknown destination outside of the USA under suspicion of terrorism. CIA analyst Doug Freeman begins to question not only his patriotic ideals but the ethics of those he has sworn to serve, when he witnesses and becomes a party to, the brutal interrogation of El-Ibrahim, a man he is convinced is innocent. "Rendition" is a gripping and timely Hollywood fictionalisation of America's ‘war on terror', a dramatic conspiracy thriller where all lines are blurred and no one side is right or just, though all are zealous in the belief that they are; the film's enduring message that only the individual is capable of humanity because only the individual can afford the luxury to question, to doubt and ultimately ignore the ‘bigger picture' in favour of simple decency.
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