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This is a very good deconstruction of the political polemicist Michael Moore, a man who's made a lot of money out of feeding liberals entertainment and whose cupboard rattles with skeletons. The film goes into a number of details of gross inaccuracies, and betrayals of the people he pertains to support, in order to further his career. In particular we learn about lies told in 'Roger and Me', eg about the supposed apathy of the locals and about being unable to talk to Roger. We hear about the lengths gone to set up a bank for selling guns in 'Columbine', we hear about his early career, we hear from many of the people he's worked with about lies that he's put out. We hear about his work to further Ralph Nadar's critical third party intervention in Florida in the 2000 election, something he later lied about. We learn how he falsely used the claims of censorship against Disney to promote his film 'Fahrenheit 9/11' when the film went down the normal channel for films that didn't suit Disney's family image, ie through Lionsgate.
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