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  • 15352
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  • DVD=89 min.
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  • Thailand.
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  • Thai.
(aka FURY)
From the Ong-Bak stable we have a new martial arts star, Jeeja Yanin, who plays Zen, a skinny 15-year-old autistic girl, who picks up martial arts skills from watching a kick-boxing team training next door, watching Kung Fu flicks and playing computer games. Zen discovers a list of debtors, from her mum's less than illustrious past, and, determined to raise money for an operation for said sick mum, goes out to collect the dosh. And, when disrespected, Zen proves more than capable of bursting into life as a whirlwind of arms and feet kicking the living s*&^ out of the bad guys in this sympathetic, fantastically choreographed fight flick.
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