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(Episodes 3-4)
Episode 3; Amanda's hostility to Darcy wanes as she begins to feel that, in Elizabeth's absence, she must 'understudy' for her. She learns that Darcy's sister Georgiana was in love with Wickham, and in response to his rejection of her advances, told Darcy that Wickham had "ravished her". Wickham maintains this falsehood to spare Georgiana's honour, which softens Amanda's hostility towards him. Meanwhile, Bingley is so heartbroken by Jane's marriage to Mr Collins that he has taken to drinking heavily. Amanda and Darcy fall in love, but, when Amanda reveals to Darcy that she has already lost her virginity, he retreats, angering Amanda so badly that she rips the pages out of her Pride and Prejudice book and throws it through the window. She later finds Darcy in the garden reading them and they argue as he believes her to have written it.
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