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  • English.
BOLT (2007)
Bolt is a dog and not just any old dog, he's the star of an American TV series, though he's been conned, as the fantasy nature of his role has been hidden from him and Bolt is firm in his belief that he's a Super Hero with appropriate powers. So, when his human TV companion, Penny, is kidnapped by a TV villain, Bolt leaps through a window to the rescue, though the unfortunate result is being shipped from Hollywood to New York in a cardboard box! Shorn of his Super Hero powers Bolt needs help and this he gets from a female alley cat, Mittens, and a hamster, a major fan of the TV series named Rhino, and the three, enjoying adventures en route, set off for Hollywood. Eventually a heart-broken Bolt, after viewing a replacement dog on set, believes Penny doesn't love him any more... but all's well that ends well as Bolt has started to distinguish fact from fiction and all three animals will end up living happily in an idyllic rural environment as Penny's adopted family.
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