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  • Britain.
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  • English.
Michael Caine gets his tastiest, grittiest role since 'Get Carter' in this vigilante-revenge thriller that's a cross between 'Gran Torino' and 'Death Wish'. Set on a council estate in south-east London, Harry Brown is a widower in his 70s suffering from emphysema. When his only friend, Len, is killed by drug dealers, Harry decides that he has had enough of being terrorised by the hoodies that stalk the underpass outside his block of flats, and with the aid of an old army pistol begins his own personal 'war on terror'. 'Harry Brown' is a well written movie with a linear narrative that effectively and compellingly explores a classic genre, but what makes this film a little bit special is Michael Caine's command of the screen and his skilful portrayal of a wounded, frustrated and very angry man. Excellent!
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