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AVATAR (2009)
'Avatar' tells the story of a future conflict between resource-guzzling humans and the indigenous inhabitants of the planet Pandora: the Na'vi. Paraplegic marine Jake runs an avatar; a genetically engineered crossbreed controlled via a mental link. Sent to spy on the `enemy` Jake falls for Na'vi princess, Neytir, and their tribal lifestyle, forcing him to choose sides when the human invasion escalates into full-blown war. There's no escaping the quality of the CGI in Cameron's blockbuster, but it's nearly an hour too long, the script is weak and the story is a simple act of theft; "Dances With Wolves" in space with a world nicked straight out of Studio Ghibli's "Laputa: Castle in the Sky". Lots of 'boom, boom' mindů how cool is that!
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