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30 ROCK SEASON 1: DISC 2 (2006)
Episode 9, The Baby Show; Tracy wants Josh fired, Cerie is engaged to a guy whom she has known for only 3 months, Liz can hear her biological clock ticking and Jack is stressed out by his mother. Episode 10, The Rural Juror; Jenna is mad at Liz because she thinks her new movie is terrible and Jack helps Tracy create and market a new cooking machine. Episode 11, The Head and the Hair; Jenna and Liz meet two people from NBC whom they call the head and the hair, Jenny sends Liz to ask the head for a date, but Liz ends up with the hair. Jack works for Kenneth for a day and Tracy realizes that his autobiography is due. Episode 12, Black Tie; Jack asks Liz to accompany him to a classy event and Tracy invites some female dancers over to the NBC office. Episode 13, Up All Night; Liz makes the staff work on Valentine's Day, she gets flowers, but doesn't know who sent them, Pete forgets about Valentine's Day, which is also his wife's birthday, Jack meets with Bianca to finalise their divorce, Jenna gets the feeling that Frank doesn't like her and the staff try to talk Kenneth into hooking up with Cerie. Episode 14, The C Word; Liz decides to be a nicer boss when she overhears one of the writers calling her a c^-$. Episode 15, Hard Ball; Kenneth becomes part of Tracy's entourage, Jenna is voted as one of the funniest women by a magazine, but gets misquoted about US squaddies. Jack gets into contract negotiations with Josh and while he loves it, Liz, who also gets involved, hates it. Episode 16, The Source Awards; Liz dates an African American man, who accuses her of racism, and Jack tries to mend a feud between Tracy and rap producer Ridikolus.
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