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  • Britain.
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Solomon Kane is a cursed man, a ruthless killer in search of redemption after he comprehends the hellish consequence of his actions. However, having escaped death once, a life of praying humbly in the confines of a monastery is not going to be sufficient to save his soul and a pacifist vow is non-sustainable when the Devil establishes a murderous coven in his vicinity.
With its roots in Dennis Wheatley's occult tradition this swashbuckling high budget British film attempts, with some success, to locate a Satanic conspiracy in a Puritanical 17th Century Devon. Influences abound from Peter Jackson's Ring trilogy, Hammer Horror to Witchfinder General, though the overall narrative structure, with a battle between good and evil finale, has its roots firmly stuck in B movie territory.
Not my glass of broth (editor), but - somewhat surprisingly! - critically approved of.
Entertaining stuff for those who like this sort of thing.
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