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(Episodes 1-2)
HBO's most watched series since 'The Sopranos' is set in deepest Louisiana, where cute waitress Sookie's ability to read people's minds puts her off any potential men... that is until vampire William arrives on the scene.
Many vampires, though much maligned by rednecks, Christians - God Hates Fangs - and other non-liberals have 'come out of the coffin' and entered mainstream society. A number of civil rights organisations champion 'vampire rights' and a huge parallel exists between vampirism and homosexuality. Black civil rights are more marginally represented by Sookie's best friend, the permanently angry Tara.
There's a lot of drugs and a lot of sex - and vampires sure go for it - in this highly entertaining and addictive series.
Episode 1; Strange Love; Bill walks into Merlotte's and gets rescued by Sookie. The first body appears.
Episode 2; The First Taste; Bill rescues Sookie from the Ratrays, visits her family home and Jason is released from custody.
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