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  • Britain.
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  • English.
Back in 1348 the Black Death was ravaging England and, with superstition rampant, scapegoats were being sought. A young monk has a secret lover whom he advises to retreat to her native woods, but to follow her means abandoning his monastery and betraying God. His opportunity arises with the arrival a band of men (think the Inquisition), who seek out an isolated village near the woods where the locals have supposedly avoided death by following the practices of a necromancer. It is in this village that his faith to God will be tested.
'Black Death' is a violent fable which questions the beliefs on which religion is built, our power of judgement and which has a nasty kick in the tail. Think 'Aguirre Wrath of God' or 'Witchfinder General' meets 'The Wicker Man', with a touch of 'True Blood' thrown in.
A morally disconcerting genre blender.
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