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  • 16362
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  • DVD=81 min.
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  • America.
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  • English.
Mailroom slacker Lemuel Gulliver drifts aimlessly through his dead-end job until the disparaging statement of a new employee makes him contemplate getting his act together. Having blagged a writing assignment Lemuel finds himself in Bermuda and, after a bit of a sea going episode, in the land of Lilliput, a world populated by very little people and a place where he can finally go from zero to hero. Don’t think of this as an updating of the political satirist Jonathon Swift’s literary classic, in fact it farts in the face of everything he held dear; think of it as a Jack Black comedy, ie pretty low end and then attempt to enjoy. Ooh, and look out for an impressively ballsy bit of product placement involving a mobile phone.
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