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(Episodes 8-10)
8 "Night on the Sun"; Sookie receives a message from Eric that Russell is still out to get her, but Eric has his own plans to get revenge on Russell, Jessica begs Bill to teach her how to be a vampire, Tara is still suffering from her ordeal, Jason promises to defend Crystal against her father and fiancé and Lafayette comes home to find his mother waiting for him.
9 "Everything is Broken"; Eric finds himself under house arrest, Tara attends a group therapy session and Jason tries to protect Crystal from her family. At the restaurant, Jessica has a heart to heart with Hoyt, Arlene is convinced that her unborn baby is pure evil, Bill awakens in a beautiful garden where he seems able to walk around in daylight and is told of Sookie's true nature.
10 "I Smell a Rat"; Sookie learns what she is and why the Vampire Queen of Louisana and the Vampire King of Mississippi are so keen on finding her. Her main preoccupation continues to be the impending attack by Russell, now labeled a vampire terrorist after his attack on live television. Sam tries to set everyone at ease after his outburst at the bar, Hoyt tries to reconcile with Jessica, Tara is still shaken by her kidnapping and Arlene decides to try and do something about her pregnancy.
This latest season raises its game significantly, reaching new heights of sublime comedy amid the sex, drugs and violence.
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