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This was a TV movie done by the BBC in 1988, aired in the UK in 1989 that stirred all sorts of attitudes and drew a lot of flak within the UK. Yet it sticks to the memories of Lt. Lawrence, the Scots Guards officer who came to fight for the Queen and for his country, contributed to final victory at the summit of Mount Tumbledown in the Malvinas (Falklands) Islands, but paid a price higher than being killed: to stay alive, but critically wounded, useless for the Army, and not able to return to the only job he could work in. It showed crudely that 1. The victors did not handle their wounded well, hiding them in indifference and with shame 2. War is war, and far from romantic. The most controversial scene (that the Ministry of Defense tried to delete from the movie by putting pressure on the BBC) shows Lt. Lawrence mercilessly bayoneting a wounded Argentine marine on the hillside. The soldier groans "don't kill me, don't kill me, please.. please... while the killer pushes the bayonet several times, almost sadistically. For the British viewers this was hard to see, as it also portrayed their soldiers as evil in combat with fallen enemy soldiers. 3. It is one of the few movies that recreates faithfully how the Falklands war was fought. Until 2005, there were only two movies with this war as a background. The other one was "Resurrected". In 2005 the movie "Lit by fire" (Iluminados Por El Fuego") told form the Argentine side the way its vets were neglected from society). "Tumbledown showed that the Argentines did fight well despite their limitations (18-year-old draftees with inadequate clothing and shaky morale). (by I. Tremont)

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