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  • 19698
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  • Running time:
  • DVD=91 min.
  • Nationality(ies):
  • America.
  • Primary Language(s):
  • English.

This is the first UK DVD release of this 1952 drama from RKO Pictures. It started like any other night... Ambulance driver Frank Jessup (Robert Mitchum) gets a call from the house of Catherine Tremayne (Barbara O'Neil), little realising where this routine call will take him. Mrs Tremayne has a beautiful, wilful stepdaughter Diane (Jean Simmons); she's attracted to Frank and insists he take a job as the family chauffeur. Frank's wary of getting too close to the kid, however, especially when he realises she's not as sweet as she looks. But Diane has a habit of getting what she wants and it doesn't matter what - or who - it costs...

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