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  • 20441
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  • DVD=89 min.
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  • Ireland.
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  • English.

This film was the Irish equivalent to a Tarantino film! Novice writer and director Mark O'Connor just nailed every aspect of this film. His directing is comparable to any top Hollywood director. Camera angles, close ups, pan-in & outs, just perfect! Even the cinematography and score could have not been fitted any better into this film. Then we have actor and writer John Connors who just nailed his character so well, you felt you were right there feeling his emotions and tension. It felt as if this was all actually happening and you were just in the background observing everything. Nothing about this film felt acted, phony or 'Hollywood-ish'. The realism was on point. I've never heard of any of these actors and every single one of them played their characters to perfection. (The Top Dawg Critic)

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