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In 1999, ambitious Pentagon employee Scott Huffman (Sebastian Stan) is tasked with exploring why Vietnam hero William H. Pitsenbarger (Jeremy Irvine), a US Air Force Pararescueman who saved 60 men before being killed in battle, never received a congressional Medal Of Honor. His investigation uncovers a high-level conspiracy that slowly starts to threaten Huffman’s career aspirations. Titled after a line from Lincoln’s Gettysburg address, The Last Full Measure is sincere and heartfelt but consistently hamstrung by cliché and inertia. In trying to honour the true-life bravery of a young American soldier who sacrificed himself while saving the lives of upwards of 60 men, it serves up a solemn, sober, revisionist Vietnam flick that lacks both the dramatic chops or storytelling nuance to elevate it into something compelling. (Ian Freer, Empire)

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