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THE SWARM (1978)
The film that the Flicks staff tried to ban, (because everybody else thought it so bad - the editor)! This stunning money pit of a disaster pic has everything. Stars? In spades! (Henry Fonda looking suitably sheepish, as is Double Indemnity's Fred MacMurray) Action? Pah. Don't even go there. Sex? Katharine Ross's quivering, petulant lower lip is enough to get you going. Politics? African killer bees attacking American institutions, terrorising white ladies with their dangerous stingers. Make of that what you will. Horror? How about that kid leaving his bee-covered mother behind, desperately trying to make her car work, struggling to see through the windscreen through all the bees! And Bees! There's a few of them in there too. Around 22 million if you believe the back covers. Which I do...
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