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A cracking costume conspiracy caper which, despite being set in the 16th Century, is definitely not your average frock-fest. Awesome Aussie actress Cate Blanchett is captivating (despite resembling an albino matchstick) as the fiery, free-spirited young princess and prospective Queen, whose frail looks belie her determination in the face of violent opposition to her impending coronation. Christopher Ecclestone is nicely nasty as the scheming, treacherous Duke of Norfolk, and Vincent Cassel is especially entertaining as the mincing French aristo after HRH's hand. Joseph Fiennes, meanwhile, oozes sex appeal as the eminently unsuitable Lord Robert, whose love Elizabeth sacrifices for the sake of her destiny, transforming herself into a fearsome-looking, icy-cold Virgin Queen. A thoroughly enjoyable, meaty, red-blooded romp.
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