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  • 8571
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  • America.
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  • English.
An action flick which relies more on conversation than confrontation to provide the tension, with Samuel L. Jackson, mercifully, taking the part intended for Sly Stallone. Jackson plays ace hostage-situation negotiator Danny Roman, framed for the murder of his partner by an unknown but all-powerful entity, who decides to fight back by turning hostage-taker himself. With an office full of Hollywood-standard U.S citizens at stake, rival negotiator Kevin Spacey is summoned to chill things out, so to speak. It's difficult to be too worried about the captives, as it's blindingly obvious that Jackson ain't about to blow anyone away. (He's a Good Guy, remember?) But the war of words between righteous-but-wronged Jackson and the unexpectedly resourceful Spacey manages to raise the temperature to a respectable heat.
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