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  • 8852
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  • DVD=89 min.
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  • America.
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  • English.
A menacing, darkly comic thriller which twists and turns with the best of them. In small-town Tropico, USA, Nick (Alessandro Nivola) is in deep trouble. His job's a dead end, the inheritance he was counting on hasn't materialised, and the robbery he's taken part in has gone horribly wrong, leaving him seriously in debt to the heaviest guy in town. In fact, the only good thing in his life is his girlfriend Lissa (Reese Witherspoon), and so the pair embark on a crazy, guaranteed-to-go-wrong get-rich-quick scheme. Sure enough, double dealing, friendship, loyalty and moral choices become intricately entangled as the plan spirals wildly out of control. A highly engaging, satisfyingly noir-ish thriller.
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