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The casting of Martin and Murphy, who both seem to have mislaid their appeal around the late 1980s, may seem foolhardy, but this is actually the funniest thing either of them have done in a very long time. Martin plays Bobby Bowfinger, a rubbish, washed-up film director who sees one last chance at success when a friend writes a film script. Bowfinger just knows he's onto a winner, but he also has to persuade Hollywood's biggest action hero, Kit Ramsey (Murphy), to star in it if the movie's gonna get made. Unfortunately, Ramsey turns him down flat, but where there's a will there's a way, and Bobby comes up with an absurd plan to shoot the movie anyway without Kit noticing that he's actually in it. Meanwhile, struggling actress Heather Graham is sleeping her way through the entire crew in an effort to increase her on-screen exposure. Shades of "Ed Wood" in this sharply-scripted comic caper.

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