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Superb supernatural suspense thriller, relying on good old-fashioned atmosphere rather than technological wizardry to provide the edge-of-the-seat factor. Bruce Willis plays Dr Malcolm Crowe, an esteemed child psychologist haunted by his failure to save an ex-patient. Before calling it a day Crowe decides to take on one last case - that of a very frightened eight year old boy, Cole Sear, who has a dark secret - he sees dead people. Too young to see how he's supposed to help these troubled spirits, it's up to Dr Crowe to find the answers. Willis puts in a convincing performance, as does Toni Collette ("Muriel's Wedding") as the lad's freaked-out mum, but the real star is the outstanding Haley Joel Osment as young Cole, whose portrayal of sheer terror is nothing short of brilliant. A truly gripping chiller.
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